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What Are The Elements That You Should Include In A Good Design?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Did you know that there are ten important elements that you should include in any good design? These element should be included whether it be a painting you are composing, a garden you are planning, or a room you are putting together.  These elements are the first thing that every good design is built on. When I begin to speak about these elements in length, they are also the very thing that puts most people to sleep!

When I remember back to beginning to learn about these elements in my very first design class, I thought to myself “But where are all the wonderful fabric swatches?” and “Won’t we get to pick out any nice colours this week?”. This still brings a smile to my face.  News flash: If you do not have a good grasp of these very important pieces of the decorating puzzle then you are doomed from the very beginning.

So, is everyone excited to begin? Make sure you are well rested so as to stay awake, grab a cup of java and let's get started!

10 Most Important Elements In Good Design

1. Texture

2. Pattern

3. Line

4. Form

5. Shape

6. Space

7. Colour

8. Lighting

9. Contrast

10. Variety

In the weeks to come I will expand on each of these elements a bit more and provide you with tips on how you can incorporate these elements into your next decorating project.

Stay tuned!

In a world full of beauty….

Gail K Allen

Interior Design Consultant

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