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Web Based Decorating Consultation - One Hour
  • Web Based Decorating Consultation - One Hour

    Are you stuck on a decorating project but just not sure where to turn to for help?


    Do you like to do most of the project yourself but would like expert, professional advice to help you move forward with your project?


    We at Allen Interiors Inc. are here to help with over 20+ years of experience to offer our clients realistic, down to earth advice on how to make their house a welcoming home.


    What you will need:

    • Mobile phone/camera with microphone
    • Your list of questions handy and ready to go
    • Photos, samples and measurements of any and all elements you are using or going to be using in the room


    Avoid costly mistakes, obtain valuable insight and professional tips, and get that spark you are looking for to get you started with your project!